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Last Update || 8/1/20

Theme || One of my main obsessions; Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji (all official art/manga panels by the magnificent Yana Toboso)

About Me

Hayley Crimson / Leviathan • Writer • Roleplayer
21 • Pansexual • She/They • Nonbinary
Egalitarian • Agnostic • Liberal • Single
INTP • Cancer • Chaotic Good • Enneagram Type 4
Proshipper • Neurodivergent • Hypersexual

I have a proclivity for cats, coffee, tea, rain, horror & paranormal stories/movies/shows, music, anime, fictional serial killers, vampires, the occult, mythology, psychology, incense, plants, creepy stuff, and fictional gore.

I'm always horny and hungry.

Do Not Interact

If you're racist, homophobic, transphobic, aphobic, transmed, sexist, a fandom-fiction Anti/pro-censorship, a pedophile/MAP/NOMAP, TERF, SWERF, RADFEM, a zoophile, a necrophile, or anti Fujoshi/Fudanshi.

If you;
-engage in harrassment or bullying of any kind, send death threats, suicide bait, threaten violence, use derogatory language/slurs, or dox anyone for any reason.
-don't support all LGBTQ+ micro-identities and gender identities.
-discriminate against people with disabilities.
-make fun of anyones appearance, that shit is uncalled for.
-think age gaps between adults are wrong.
-think adults who are into ddlg/ddlb are "pandering to pedophiles".
-think queer is a slur.
-post or rt in real life gore.

Before You Follow

I'm a proshipper into nasty and problematic shit.

Since fiction is not reality I read, watch, write, ship, or otherwise enjoy any kind of fictional content I want.

People should be able to differentiate between fiction and reality, just because I like something in a fictional setting doesn't mean I support it in reality; I can not stand and do not support violence, murder, incest, non-con, underage, manipulative or abusive relationships, etc, in real life. However, this doesn't apply to fiction; just because I like something fictional -whether it's a serial killer like Hannibal Lecter or a ship like Soulbates- it does not mean I support such people/things in real life.

My fictional preferences do not reflect my in real life morals, get off my dick.

Clicking 'more' will show you a list of stuff I like, talk about, or will share content of that you should consider before interacting with me.

My Fandoms/Ships

Hannigram • Sebaciel • Lestat x Louis • Soulbates
Romancek • Veddie • Thorki • Villaneve • Johnlock
Rules • Ineffable Husbands • Reddie • Tsumane
Mosercest • Wincest • Harlivy • Victuuri
Constangreen • Armand x Daniel Molloy • Destiel
Alucard x Trevor x Sypha • Demoncest (any of the Obey Me! brothers x each other)
Barnabas Collins x Willie Loomis • Sherlock x Eurus
Barnabas Collins x Quentin Collins
Barnabas Collins x Willie Loomis x Julia Hoffman

Hannibal • Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji • IT • Dexter
Bates Motel • The Vampire Chronicles • Castle Rock
Obey Me • Castlevania • American Horror Story
Hemlock Grove • Penny Dreadful • Death Note
Dark Shadows (1966-71) • The Good Doctor
Good Omens • Tokyo Ghoul • Resident Evil
Supernatural • Sherlock • Killing Eve • TBHK
Killing Stalking • Marvel • DC • Disney
Stephen King • Dean Koontz

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About Me

Hey there! My name Hayley Rose Crimson, but I also go by Leviathan, Loomis, and -occasionally- Cataluna Reaper (my Killjoy name).
Please use whichever you prefer and feel free to give me any nicknames you want!

Writer • Roleplayer • Graphic Designer
21 (7/11) • Emo/Alternative • Pansexual • INTP
She/They • Nonbinary • Agnostic • Egalitarian
Liberal • Chaotic Good • Enneagram Type 4 • Single
Hypersexual • Proshipper • Procrastinator
Neurodivergent • Ailurophile • Nyctophile • Pluviophile
Bibliophile • Chocoholic/Dessert Fiend

I'm always hungry and horny

I have a proclivity for cats, coffee, tea, rain, horror & paranormal stories/movies/shows, music, anime, fictional serial killers, vampires, the Occult, the Victorian Era, mythology, psychology, incense, plants, creepy stuff, and fictional gore.

I collect teapots, comic books, action figures, beanie babies, stuffed animals, glass dolls, rocks, seashells, and trading cards.

I watch a lot of true crime shows.

Some of my hobbies/interests include; drawing, photography, crafting, baking/cooking, (occasionally) sewing, and playing keyboard.

English is the only language I speak fluetly.

I'd like to learn French, Swedish, Lithuanian, Danish, Japanese, Romanian, Greek, Italian, German, and ASL. Currently, I'm focusing on Swedish and French (I use Duolingo).

I have Greek and German ancestry.

I'm an extremely picky eater and I have many weird food quirks.

Half of what I eat is pasta and bread, I just really fucking love both of those things.

I was homeschooled.

I have two younger siblings (same mom) and I'm close to them. I have a good relationship with my mom, but was adopted by and live with my grandparents.

I have several siblings (same dad) who I've never met. I don't know my dad and I don't want to - I'm not bitter, I'm just not interested.

The only kids I want are the ones with fur; We have 6 cats and 2 dogs.

My mood is mercurial and I'm a walking contradiction; I'm really confident, yet I have low self-esteem. I give zero fucks, but I care too much. I think I'm completely fucking fabulous, but I hate myself. I'm stubborn, blunt, and opinionated, yet simultaneously chill and more passive than I care to be.

I have;
OCD • ADHD • (mild) Dyslexia • Insomnia
Seasonal Allergies • Misophonia
Arachnophobia • Germaphobia • Acrophobia

Sun; Cancer • Moon; Gemini • Ascendant; Libra

Before You Follow


I will block on site if you meet the criteria of any of the things listed in my DNI section.

I block very liberally and have never interacted with most of the accounts I have blocked.

If you believe I've blocked you by mistake feel free to leave me a message on one of these, please be sure to leave your username.

Fictional problematic content & kinks;

Underage relationships.

Incest/Psuedo Incest/Selfcest.


Unhealthy/manipulative/abusive relationships, Power Imbalances, Brainwashing, Hypnotism, Codependency, Gastlighting.


Gore/Morbidity, Guro, Blood kink, Cannibalism, Piquerism, Violence.

Beastialty/Anthropomorphic creatures x human and/or x each other.

Teratophilia/Monster Kink, Tentaphilia/Tentacle Kink, Dacryphilia/Crying Fetish, Somnophilia/Sleeping Fetish, Necrophilia, Vorarephilia, Robophilia, Menophilia, Autassassinophilia, Capnolagnia/Smoking Fetish.

A/B/O content, MPreg, Breeding.

Furry stuff, Nekos, Cub Porn.


Other sexual content & kinks;

BDSM, CBT, Bondage, Degradation/Erotic Humiliation, Erotic Asphyxiation/Breathplay, Sensory Deprivation, Sex Toys, Cock Rings, Pegging, Aftercare.

Edgeplay; Knifeplay, Waxplay, Fireplay, Bloodplay, Temperature play.

Sharp Teeth/Fang Fetish, Neck Fetish, Cheirophilia/Hand Fetish.

Daddy Kink/Mommy Kink, Praise Kink, Biting Kink.

Agegap, Heightgap.


Rapeplay, Petplay, Ageplay, Cumplay.

Edging, Overstimulation, Orgasm Control/Denial.

Thigh Fucking, Face Fucking, Titty Fucking, Cockwarming.

Dirty Talk.

I support the three laws of fandoms;
1) Don't like, don't read.
2) Your kink is not my kink.
3) Ship and let ship.


I do not tolerate the sexualization of real life minors/live action characters played by minors.

Do not send NSFW works/fanart to people who don't ask for it/don't want it. I will block you for that shit.

I'm pro real person fanfiction/RPF as long as you use discretion/it isn't brought to the attention of the real person/people in the story and as long as you're respectful and don't insist that any real person ship is actually real.

None of my accounts are spoiler free.

I'm retweet heavy & a lot of stuff I rt is untagged.

I'm a Liberal, I talk about politics often, and I don't fuck with conservative bullshit. If you're a Republican we will probably not get along. If you support Donald Trump fuck off.

I'm a stoner, I sometimes talk about and share media of weed/things related to weed.

I have squicks of my own but they are pretty few and far between.

My Fandoms

(Main) Ships that have me by the ballls;

Hannigram • Sebaciel • Lestat x Louis • Soulbates
Romancek • Veddie • Thorki • Villaneve • Johnlock
Rules • Ineffable Husbands • Reddie • Tsumane
Mosercest • Wincest • Harlivy • Victuuri
Constangreen • Armand x Daniel Molloy • Destiel
Alucard x Trevor x Sypha • Demoncest (any of the Obey Me! brothers x each other)
Barnabas Collins x Willie Loomis • Sherlock x Eurus
Barnabas Collins x Quentin Collins
Barnabas Collins x Willie Loomis x Julia Hoffman

(Side) Ships I think about now and then;

Spacedogs • Billdip • Stucky • Stony • Starker
Vergercest • Barnabas Collins x Julia Hoffman
Barnabas Collins x Angelique Bouchard
Angelique Bouchard x Quentin Collins
Angelique Bouchard x Julia Hoffman
Ethan Chandler x Vanessa Ives • Terukou
Violate • Prince Soma x Agni • Nygmobblepot
Tristan Duffy x Liz Taylor (AHS) • Sebagrell
Debra Morgan x Frank Lundy • Melendaire
Sebacielcest • Cielcest • Vanessa Ives x John Clare
Dorian Gray x Victor Frankenstein • Elsa x Massimo
Misty Day x Cordelia • Fiona x Axeman • Marlana
Moriarty x Sherlock • Kit x Grace • Normero
Dylemma • Ereri • Sebastian x Agni • Hannigail
Hannigrail - Hannibal x Will x Abigail • Cielois
SomaCiel • Grelliam • Claudois • Lau x Ran Mao
Lau x Sebastian • Sebastian x Ciel x Alois
Lucifer x Simeon • Beelzebub x Luke
Lucifer x Diavolo • Simeon x Asmodeus
Barbatos x Luke • WestAllen • Lawlight
Rickorty/Rickmorty/C137cest • Benverly
Dexter Morgan x Debra Morgan • Jarley
Lastat x Gabrielle • Louis x Claudia • Snowbarry
Dorian Gray x Angelique • Victor Frankenstein x Lily
Victor Frankenstein x Vanessa Ives • Avalance
Rowena x Sam • Yume • Ray Palmer x Nora Darhk

(Misc) Ships worth mentioning;

Barnabas Collins x Carl Collins
Doll x Ciel • Sebastian x Blavat Sky
Willverly - Will Graham x Beverly Katz
Hannidelia • Jimmy Price x Brian Zeller
Paulizzy - Elizabeth Midford x Paula
Grell x Undertaker • Ciel x Undertaker
Vincent Phantomhive x Undertaker
Ciel Phantomhive x Sieglinde Sullivan
Mey-Rin x Sebastian • Finnian x Ciel • Ciel x Arthur
Tate Langdon x Norman Bates
Kyle x Zoe (AHS) • Matt x Mello (Death Note)
Carolyn Collins Stoddard x Adam
Willie Loomis x Jason McGuire
Willie Loomis x Maggie Evans

TV Shows/Series;

Hannibal • Bates Motel • Dexter • Castle Rock
American Horror Story • Penny Dreadful
Hemlock Grove • Sherlock • Killing Eve • You
The Good Doctor • Good Omens • Supernatural
Dark Shadows (1966-1971) • Stranger Things
Pushing Daisies • Dead Like Me
The Umbrella Academy • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The Flash • Gotham • Legends of Tomorrow
Constantine • The Haunting of Hill House
The Vampire Diaries • Teen Wolf • That 70's Show
Glee • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
The Twilight Zone (all versions) • Night Gallery
Thriller • Tales from The Dark Side • Bewitched
Seinfeld • The King of Queens


Death Note • Black Butler • Tokyo Ghoul
Castlevania • Vampire Knight • Devilman Crybaby
Yuri!!! On Ice • Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun
B: The Beginning


Black Butler • Death Note • Psycho (Webcomics)
Killing Stalking • Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun


(Almost everything Marvel, DC, Tim Burton, Disney, Stephen King, & Dean Koontz) • Crimson Peak
Simple Simon • Interview with the Vampire
The Silence of the Lambs • Red Dragon • Hannibal
The Devil's Advocate • Se7en • Dark Shadows
Edward Scissorhands • Beetlejuice • Sleepy Hollow
Tourist Trap (1979) • The Haunting (1999)
Adam (2009) • Clue • Thir13en Ghosts
Pirates Of The Caribbean • Austin Powers
The Comedy of Terrors • Psycho (1960)
Wuthering Heights (1998 & 2009)
Gone With The Wind


Little Shop of Horrors (1986) • Repo! The Genetic Opera


Spongebob Squarepants • Johnny Bravo
Rick & Morty • The Simpsons • South Park
Family Guy • Garfield • Gravity Falls
(Classic) Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies
The Flintstones • Dick Tracy • Yogi Bear
(Classic) Tom & Jerry • Huckleberry Hound
Little Lulu • Little Audrey • Betty Boop
Strawberry Shortcake • Monster High
Scaredy Cat • (Classic) Rocky & Bullwinkle
Hoppity Hopper • Popeye • Mister Magoo
Felix The Cat • Tex Avery's Screwball Cartoons
HarveyToons • TerryToons • NovelToons


Stephen King || IT • Hearts in Atlantis
Bag of Bones • The Shining • Doctor Sleep
Misery • Dreamcatcher

Dean Koontz || Whispers • Hideaway • Mr. Murder

Book Series ||
The Vampire Chronicles - Anne Rice
Hannibal Series - Thomas Harris
Dexter Series - Jeff Lindsay

Misc Books ||
Gone With The Wind - Margaret Mitchell
Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë

(Favorite) Bands/Singers on repeat;

Black Veil Brides • Andy Black • Echo Black
My Chemical Romance • Gerard Way • Fall Out Boy
Marilyn Manson • Adam Lambert • Karliene
Melanie Martinez • September Mourning • Mr. Kitty
Boy Epic • Palaye Royale • New Years Day
Within Temptation • Motionless In White • Lil Peep
In This Moment • Eminem • Hollywood Undead
Juliet Simms • Automatic Loveletter • Muse
Pat Benatar • Stevie Nicks • Fleetwood Mac
Marina And The Diamonds • Lana Del Rey
Billie Eilish • Metallica • Meg Myers • 8 Graves
Once Monsters • No Resolve • Smash Into Pieces

(Secondary) Bands/Singers I like;

Mötley Crüe • Sixx AM • Roy Orbison • Bobby Vinton
Sam Smith • Lacuna Coil • Journey • Tame Impala
Twenty Øne Pilots • Blondie • My Darkest Days
Sleeping With Sirens • Hawthorne Heights
Stitched Up Heart • Slade • Black Sabbath
Blackbriar • Shinedow • Bring Me The Horizon
Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum
Halestorm • Mayday Parade • Troye Sivan • AJR
Imagine Dragons • Die Antwoord • DIANMANTE
HELLYEAH • Celldweller • Falling In Reverse
Escape The Fate • Pierce The Veil • Cilver
Asking Alexandria • Heart • Pale Waves • Elle King
The Rolling Stones • AC/DC • Billy Idol • Shaggy
Otherwise • New Medicine • STARSET • 4th Point
Unlike Pluto • Like Saturn • Fit For Rivals • Pink Fly
Panic! At The Disco

(Misc) Bands/Singers I listen to once in a while;

Nine Inch Nails • Whitesnake • Scorpions
Thirty Seconds To Mars • YUNGBLUD
Evanescence • Scarlett Riot • The Beatles
Harry Styles • David Bowie • Selena Gomez
Halsey • Trevor Something • Ryan Beatty
Dolly Parton • Butcher Babies • Green Day
Avenged Sevenfold • Onerepublic • Rob Zombie
Queen • Hurts • Kiss • Bon Jovi • Eddie Money
The Surpremes • The Ronettes
Christine and the Queens • Call Me Karizma

Favorite Celebrities;

Bill Skarsgård • Mads Mikkelsen • Hugh Dancy
Andy Biersack • Freddie Highmore • Sarah Paulson
Evan Peters • Tom Hiddleston • Eva Green
Michael C. Hall • Adam Lambert • Hayley Atwell
Benedict Cumberbatch • Bill Hader • Gerard Way
Landon Liboiron • Jodie Comer • Sandra Oh
Robert Sheehan • Patrick Stump • Vera Farmiga
Melanie Martinez • Sky Ferreira • Zendaya
Billie Eilish • Juliet Simms • Tom Holland
Jessica Chastain • Harry Styles • Jim Carrey
Jessica Lange • Misha Collins • Margot Robbie
Taissa Farmiga • Dove Cameron • Zazie Beetz
Robert Downey Jr • Cameron Monaghan
Marilyn Manroe • Rihanna • Laverne Cox
Jared Padalecki • Jensen Ackles • Bryan Fuller
John Mulaney • Bo Burnham • Dave Bautista
Kacey Rohl • Lady Gaga • Anthony Hopkins
John Lithgow • Samuel L Jackson • Stephen Colbert
Jerry Lewis • Cary Grant • Boris Karloff
James Cagney • Vincent Price • Madeline Kahn
Hanne Jacobson • Claire Danes • John Candy
Katharine Hepburn • Bill Murray • Patton Oswalt
Mark Ruffalo


Epic Rap Battles of History • Ninja Sex Party
Brandon Rogers

Video Games;

Obey Me! • Resident Evil • Street Fighter
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp • Crash Bandicoot
Spiderman • Call of Duty • Mortal Kombat
Donkey Kong • Zelda • Mario

Favorite Characters

Top Ten;

(Series) Will Graham • Hannibal Lecter • Chiyoh
Beverly Katz • Abigail Hobbs • Bella Crawford
Mason Verger
(Books) Hannibal Lecter • Clarice Starling
Lady Murasaki

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji;
(Manga and/or Anime) Grell Sutcliff
Sebastian Michaelis • Ciel Phantomhive • Undertaker
Lau • Price Soma Asman Kadar • Agni • Mey-Rin
Ran Mao • Alois Trancy • Blavat Sky
Sieglinde Sullivan • Finnian • Hannah Annafellows

(Book & Movies) Pennywise • Richie Tozier
Eddie Kaspbrak • Beverly Marsh • Mike Hanlon
Ben Hanscom • Bill Denbrough • Stan Uris

(Series) Dexter Morgan • Brian Moser
Angel Batista • Debra Morgan • Rita Bennet
Frank Lundy • Joey Quinn • Lumen Pierce
(Books) Dexter Morgan • Brian Moser
Angel Batista • Deborah Morgan

Bates Motel;
Norman Bates • Norma Bates • Alex Romero
Emma Decody • Dylan Massett

The Vampire Chronicles;
Lestat de Lioncourt • Louis de Pointe du Lac
Armand • Gabrielle de Lioncourt • Claudia

Castle Rock;
The Kid • Annie Wilkes • Pop Merrill

Obey Me!;
Lucifer • Mammon • Asmodeus • Beelzebub
Belphegor • Leviathan • Satan • Simeon
Diavolo • Luke • Barbatos

Alucard • Trevor Belmont • Sypha Belnades

American Horror Story;
Kit Walker • Tate Langdon • Misty Day
James Patrick March • Pepper • Judy Martin
Fiona Goode • Elsa Mars • Myrtle Snow
Addy Langdon • Marie Laveau • Violet Harmon
Grace Bertrand • Michael Langdon • Kyle Spencer
Dandy Mott • Sister Mary Eunice
Hypodermic Sally • Lana Winters • Papa Legba

Hemlock Grove;
(Series & Book) Roman Godfrey • Peter Romancek
Shelley Godfrey • Linda Romancek • Letha Godfrey
Johann Pryce

Penny Dreadful;
Vanessa Ives • Dorian Gray • Ethan Chandler
Victor Frankenstein • John Clare • Lily Frankenstein
Joan Clayton • Dracula • Malcolm Murray
Ferdinand Lyle • Sembene • Angelique • Hecate

Dark Shadows;
(1966-1971) Willie Loomis • Barnabas Collins
Angelique Bouchard • Quentin Collins
Carl Collins • Timothy Stokes • Julia Hoffman
Ben Stokes • Josette Du Pres • Maggie Evans
Carolyn Collins Stoddard • Adam • Magda
Charity Trask as Pansy Faye • Aristede
Jason McGuire
(2012) Barnabas Collins • Angelique Bouchard

Death Note;
L Lawliet • Ryuk • Near • Matt • Mello
Touta Matsuda

The Good Doctor;
Shaun Murphy • Claire Browne • Neil Melendez
Carly Lever • Lea Dilallo

Castiel • Dean Winchester • Bobby Singer
Sam Winchester • Rowena MacLeod • Crowley

Loki • Venom • Tony Stark • Eddie Brock
Stephen Strange • Bruce Banner • Drax
Peter Parker • Rocket • Groot • Wade Wilson
Gamora • Wanda Maximoff • Thor • T'Challa
Vision • Nightcrawler • Mystique • Quicksilver
Leo Fitz • Phil Coulson • Deke Shaw • Mantis
Grant Ward • Melinda May • Jemma Simmons
Ghostrider • Shuri • Sam Wilson • Bucky Barnes

Harley Quinn • Joker • Riddler • Poison Ivy
John Constantine • Ray Palmer • Barry Allen
Caitlin Snow • Bruce Wayne • Nate Heywood
Zari Tarazi • Behrad Tarazi • Cisco Ramone
H.R. Wells • Sherloque Wells • Nash Wells
Harrison Wells (Eobard Thawne) • Raven
Catwoman • Penguin • Floya Lawton • Charlie/Clotho
Amaya Jiwe • Astra Logue • Hal Jordan

Good Omens;
Aziraphale • Crowley

Tokyo Ghoul;
Ken Kaneki • Uta • Juuzou Suzuya

Sherlock Holmes • James Moriarty • John Watson
Irene Adler • Eurus Holmes

Killing Eve;
Eve Polastri • Villanelle/Oksana Astankova

Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun;
Yugi Tsukasa • Yugi Hanako • Mitsuba Sousuke
Minamoto Kou • Minamoto Teru

My Stories

I write fanfiction and original stories.

I started out writing real person fanfiction, but now I only write fanfiction involving fictional characters.

I like to write in a few different genres, but Paranormal & Horror are my favorites.

I'm drawn to the macabre and often love to include dark, creepy, and/or gory elements to my stories.

Most of my stories include adult content; Please mind the warnings and/or tags of my stories; I will mark all mature content and all taboo/problematic content.

Fandoms I've written for/am writing for; || Hannibal (Hannigram), Bates Motel (Norman Bates x OC), Dexter (Mosercest), Hemlock Grove (Roman Godfrey x OC)

Fandoms I have upcoming stories in/drafts; || Black Butler (Sebaciel), IT, Castle Rock, & Crimson Peak, -Maybe?- Dark Shadows

My Social Media

Obey Me! Friend ID || 1055271087

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Friend ID || 4756 8855 557

Stuff that's not my cup of tea;

-Wound Fucking
-Skull Fucking
-Oculophilia (eye fetish)
-Coprophilia/Scatophilia (feces fetish)
-Urolagnia/Watersports (urine fetish)
-Emotophilia (vomit fetish)

Since I'm frequently asked what pansexuality is;

I can be sexually and/or romantically attracted to men, women, and anyone outside of the gender binary (I.E. nonbinary, genderfluid, etc).

Pansexuality is NOT thinking of trans individuals as a separate category from men and women, trans men ARE men, trans women ARE woman.

Have a question?